How to become a member...

The Museum is primarily supported by memberships and donations from people interested in the history of the Gridley Area and is open to all.  The Museum is not a recipient of any government funding.

Annual Membership may be selected from the following categories:

Individual ($25) Family ($50) Senior Citizens (60+ $15) Senior Family ($30) Business ($100)

Direct Donation

The Museum accepts direct donations of any amount, large or small.  These donations go into the general fund and will be used for exhibit materials, educational programming, archival supplies and museum operations.


We are now accepting donations for floor coverings for the stairs, hallway and exhibit rooms upstairs.  If you wish to contribute to this flooring fund you may send donations to:

Gridley Museum, 601 Kentucky Street, Gridley, CA 95948

Contribute to the Pioneer Exhibit Program

The Gridley Museum wishes to establish a Pioneer Family Program as a method of collecting pioneer stories and honoring our ancestors.  The board members of the Gridley Museum realized that extra effort needs to be made to get the pioneer stories while some of them were still firsthand.  That possibility is gone but there is great value in memories and family stories that have been passed down.

To be eligible as a pioneer family, your ancestor(s) must have lived in the Gridley area (Biggs and Live Oak) before December 31, 1910, or is a family with eighty continuous years of residence (if your ancestor was born in the last decade of the 19th century, he was probably one of the mover and shakers of the 20th and we need his story.)

If you wish to honor your ancestors, please fill out this form, select the date you prefer, and return it to Gridley Museum, Lisa Van De Hey, Pioneer Family Chairman, Gridley Museum, 601 Kentucky Street, Gridley, CA 95948, or you may call 530-846-4482, Mon., Tue., Thurs., 10am – 2pm.

Once a decision has been made to honor your pioneer ancestor, start thinking about any photos, artifacts, and stories you have.  We would appreciate copies of your pictures and the loan of your artifacts, but the story is the most important to the Museum.

Here is a suggested list of things to include:

Something of life before coming to the area, who the parents were, when they arrived in the

U. S., why and when they came to the Gridley area—both husband, wife and children

Dates and place of birth, marriage(s) and death

Names of children with above dates as applicable and any interesting data—jobs, children, etc.

Education, career

Positions of importance or responsibility—den mother, civil defense, school trustee, etc.

Hobbies, clubs, lodge, etc.

Where and with whom they spent later years

There may be something else, entirely, which makes the person you are honoring unique and precious in your memory.  Please share these stories with us.

Sometimes, the story explains why some information is missing, but your information will be filed for future researchers who may fill in the blanks.  Do what you can.  It is our intention, with your permission, to put your information, stories and photos in a display cabinet for six months after which all will be returned to you.  We will also put any photos and written stories on a CD for you to share with your family.  We would also like to hold a reception honoring your family.  Any guests and all family members you want to invite will be welcome to share their memories as well.

We hope you will consider helping us expand our history with your family’s information.  Your family is important to our history.


How to become a volunteer…

Are there any persons out there who need to fill some lonely hours?  The Gridley Museum can help you fill lonely hours.  Here is what it needs.

There are days when visitors come in by car loads and days when no one comes in.  How do you make choices to open or not?  You have to assume that every day will be the day when guests and visitors will come in and investigate what the Museum has to offer.  We have posted hours on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday from 10-2.  If the volunteers don’t show up because of one reason or the other, people think and say we are NEVER OPEN.  We hear this all the time but there are days when we are run ragged to meet the people’s needs. Here’s where you can help.  Consider being a docent at the Museum.

The opportunities are great and there is a need for two Docents each day we are open.  If any of you fine people can find  a couple of hours a month, please come in and visit with RuthAnn the Museum Director/Archivist, any Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday from 8:30-2:00.